Press Releases

All press releases, white papers and some other documents represented in Portable Document Format (PDF). Download Adobe Reader for reading.

  1. 25/04/2019. Elcomsoft Improves Full Disk Encryption Workflow, Allows Faster Access to Encrypted Evidence
  2. 22/02/2019. Elcomsoft Extracts Critical Evidence from iOS 12 Devices
  3. 29/11/2018. Elcomsoft Extracts Apple Health Data from iCloud
  4. 21/11/2018. Elcomsoft Extracts Data from Latest iPhones, Supports DFU and Recovery Modes
  5. 15/11/2018. Elcomsoft Decrypts Non-Text Content of iCloud Messages, Accesses Attached Photos, Media and Other Files
  6. 14/08/2018. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 4.0 with Automatic Dictionary Distribution and Intel GPU Acceleration
  7. 20/06/2018. Elcomsoft Decrypts Secrets from iPhone Devices and Extracts User Passwords
  8. 14/06/2018. ElcomSoft Decrypts iMessages in iCloud
  9. 07/06/2018. ElcomSoft Tool Helps Analyse Location Data from iOS Devices
  10. 29/05/2018. ElcomSoft Tool Extracts WhatsApp Business Data
  11. 17/05/2018. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.10 Adds Google Drive Support with Passwordless Authentication
  12. 20/02/2018. Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 3.0 Extracts Critical Evidence from iOS 10.x and iOS 11 Devices
  13. 08/02/2018. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.20 Extracts More Evidence from iCloud
  14. 31/01/2018. Forensic Disk Decryptor 2.0 Provides All-in-One Solution for Accessing Encrypted Volumes
  15. 25/01/2018. Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor Breaks Wi-Fi Networks by Targeting the Human Factor
  16. 24/01/2018. ElcomSoft Tool Extracts Android WhatsApp Backups from Google
  17. 23/11/2017. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer 2.0 Adds Google Prompt and FIDO Keys Support, Introduces the Mac Edition
  18. 02/11/2017. ElcomSoft Provides Password Recovery Solution for Quicken and QuickBooks
  19. 28/09/2017. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 3.50 Adds iOS 11 Support, New Applications and Wi-Fi Plugins
  20. 21/09/2017. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer Adds XLSX Export and Android Oreo Support, Downloads SMS Text Messages from Google Account
  21. 14/09/2017. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 8.0 Adds Forensic Support for iOS 11 and New Apple Devices
  22. 22/08/2017. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Extracts and Decrypts iCloud Keychain
  23. 10/08/2017. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Unlocks 1Password, KeePass, LastPass and Dashlane Vaults
  24. 20/07/2017. ElcomSoft Tool Decrypts WhatsApp iCloud Backups
  25. 13/07/2017. ElcomSoft breaks into legacy iPhones running iOS up to 9.3.4
  26. 22/06/2017. ElcomSoft Breaks into Windows 10 Devices, Provides Cloud Acquisition Solution
  27. 19/05/2017. Elcomsoft Recovers Deleted Notes from iCloud
  28. 26/04/2017. Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer Gets Ready for Android O, Extracts SMS Text Messages, Enhanced Location Data from Google Account
  29. 02/03/2017. Extracted Notifications Offer Valuable Insight for iOS Forensics
  30. 14/02/2017. ElcomSoft Goes After the Low-Hanging Fruit: Instantly Extracts Stored Passwords, Builds Custom Dictionaries for Faster Attacks
  31. 09/02/2017. Elcomsoft Recovers Deleted Safari History from iCloud
  32. 02/02/2017. ElcomSoft Adds Android Support to WhatsApp Acquisition Tool
  33. 26/01/2017. Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit 2.20 Updated to Support iOS 10, iPhone 7/7Plus and macOS Sierra
  34. 21/12/2016. Elcomsoft Provides Real-Time Extraction of iPhone Calls, Contacts, Calendars and Web Browsing Activities
  35. 01/12/2016. Elcomsoft Wireless Security Auditor Enables Packet Sniffing for Generic Wi-Fi Adapters
  36. 17/11/2016. Apple Silently Uploads iPhone Call Logs to iCloud, ElcomSoft Releases Acquisition Tool
  37. 08/11/2016. Mobile Forensics: Not for Dummies
  38. 03/10/2016. Elcomsoft Cloud Explorer Supports Android 7.0, Downloads Call Logs and Wi-Fi Passwords
  39. 23/09/2016. ElcomSoft Discovers Security Weakness in iOS 10 Backups, Develops Exploit
  40. 22/09/2016. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker and Phone Viewer Updated with iOS 10 Support
  41. 25/08/2016. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 6.0 Decrypts FileVault 2, Downloads iCloud Photos, Retrieves Apple ID Password
  42. 11/08/2016. Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit Adds Logical Acquisition, Supports Physical Acquisition of iOS 9.2-9.3.3
  43. 03/08/2016. Collecting Evidence from Google Accounts Gets Easier, Full Gmail and Reporting Support
  44. 26/07/2016. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Enhances MacOS Forensics, Adds Amazon EC2 Support, Breaks ZIP and RAR Archives Faster
  45. 23/06/2016. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 2.20 Supports Albums and Encrypted iTunes Backups, Analyzes Web Activities
  46. 16/06/2016. Elcomsoft System Recovery Adds UEFI Support
  47. 18/03/2016. Elcomsoft System Recovery: Restores Access to Windows 10 Accounts, Adds Microsoft Account Support
  48. 04/03/2016. ElcomSoft Targets Windows 10 BitLocker, Instant Decryption of XTS-AES Volumes
  49. 22/12/2015. Elcomsoft Cloud eXplorer: Forensic Acquisition of Google Accounts
  50. 25/11/2015. Acquire and Analyze Communications with Elcomsoft Explorer for WhatsApp
  51. 18/11/2015. Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit: Physical Acquisition for 64-bit Devices and iOS 9 Support
  52. 11/11/2015. Elcomsoft Makes Exploring iOS 9 iCloud and Local Backups Easy
  53. 29/10/2015. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 5.0 Adds Over-the-Air Acquisition of iOS 9 Devices
  54. 16/09/2015. Elcomsoft Password Digger Decrypts Mac OS Keychains
  55. 26/08/2015. Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle Offers All-in-One Smartphone Acquisition and Extraction
  56. 11/08/2015. Blackberry Password Keeper vs. 1Password: in a Crack or in Attack
  57. 19/05/2015. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer Receives an Important Update
  58. 28/04/2015. ElcomSoft Releases a Mac Version of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker
  59. 12/03/2015. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Adds Apple iCloud Drive Support, Decrypts iCloud Backup Keychain
  60. 03/02/2015. Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Hardware Upgrades: Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery Makes Simultaneous Use of GPU Acceleration Units That Are Generations Apart, Adds GPU Accelerated ZIP/RAR Password Recovery
  61. 27/01/2015. Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit Adds Acquisition Support for iOS 8 Devices, Extracts Apple ID and Password
  62. 17/12/2014. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker Supports Latest Developments in iOS Security, Improves Acquisition Speed and Supports Latest Apple Hardware
  63. 12/12/2014. ElcomSoft Releases a Mobile Data Explorer
  64. 17/06/2014. ElcomSoft Breaks Into iCloud – No Password Required
  65. 08/05/2014. ElcomSoft Revamps Phone Password Breaker, Recovers BlackBerry 10 Backups and Extracts Windows Phone 8 Data from the Cloud
  66. 10/04/2014. ElcomSoft Adds OpenOffice and Hangul Office Support, Employs Social Engineering for Password Recovery
  67. 30/01/2014. ElcomSoft Gives iOS Forensics a Boost, Adds Physical Acquisition Support for iOS 7 Devices
  68. 03/10/2013. ElcomSoft Phone Password Breaker Adds Full iOS 7 Support
  69. 22/08/2013. ElcomSoft Speeds Up Phone Password Breaker, Enables Real-Time iCloud Recovery
  70. 17/07/2013. ElcomSoft Brings New Life to iOS Forensics, Adds Physical Acquisition Support for iPhone 5 and iPad 4
  71. 05/02/2013. ElcomSoft Breaks Passwords Faster with NVIDIA Tesla K20 Acceleration
  72. 20/12/2012. ElcomSoft Provides Forensic Access to Encrypted BitLocker, PGP and TrueCrypt Containers
  73. 26/09/2012. ElcomSoft Breaks Microsoft Office 2013 Passwords
  74. 17/07/2012. ElcomSoft and Pico Computing Demonstrate World's Fastest Password Cracking Solution
  75. 15/05/2012. ElcomSoft Discovers an Alternative Way of Accessing iPhone User Data, Provides Forensic Access to iCloud Backups
  76. 16/03/2012. ElcomSoft Analyzes 17 Smartphones’ Secure Password Managers, Finds No Security.
  77. 08/03/2012. ElcomSoft Adds AMD Radeon 7000 Series Support and New Wi-Fi Attacks Targeting the Human Factor
  78. 22/02/2012. ElcomSoft Discovers Most of Its Customers Want Stricter Security Policies but Won't Bother Changing Default Passwords.
  79. 09/02/2012. ElcomSoft Recovers iWork Passwords, Supports Apple Numbers, Pages, and Keynote Apps.
  80. 01/11/2011. ElcomSoft Updates iOS Forensic Toolkit with iOS 5 Support and Faster Acquisition Times.
  81. 29/09/2011. ElcomSoft Recovers BlackBerry Device Passwords.
  82. 30/08/2011. ElcomSoft Recovers Passwords to BlackBerry Password Keeper and BlackBerry Wallet.
  83. 01/08/2011. ElcomSoft Recovers Passwords to US Government-Certified BlackBerry PlayBook Backups.
  84. 25/07/2011. ElcomSoft All-In-One iOS Forensic Toolkit: Now with Keychain Decryption, Windows Support and iOS 4.3.4 Acquisition.
  85. 02/06/2011. ElcomSoft Releases a Free Facebook Password Recovery Tool.
  86. 24/05/2011. ElcomSoft Investigates iPhone Hardware Encryption, Provides Enhanced Forensic Access to Protected User Data.
  87. 19/05/2011. ElcomSoft Exposes Information Stored in BlackBerry Backups.
  88. 28/04/2011. ElcomSoft Discovers Vulnerability in Nikon’s Image Authentication System.
  89. 01/04/2011. ElcomSoft Employs Home Cloud Computing to Accelerate Password Recovery.
  90. 01/04/2011. ElcomSoft Opens a Password Store to Sell Passwords Balancing Strength and Memorability.
  91. 09/12/2010. ElcomSoft Updates Phone Password Breaker with New Features and Better Speed.
  92. 30/11/2010. Canon Original Data Security System Compromised: ElcomSoft Discovers Vulnerability.
  93. 11/11/2010. ElcomSoft Breaks Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome Passwords.
  94. 30/09/2010. ElcomSoft Breaks BlackBerry Backups.
  95. 23/09/2010. ElcomSoft Releases an All-in-One Wi-Fi Cracking Solution.
  96. 18/08/2010. ElcomSoft Updates Advanced Office Password Recovery with Forensic Technologies.
  97. 12/08/2010. ElcomSoft Recovers Sage PeachTree Accounting Passwords.
  98. 05/08/2010. ElcomSoft Recovers Stored Passwords in iPhone Devices.
  99. 08/07/2010. ElcomSoft Breaks Passwords Faster with NVIDIA Fermi Based Accelerators.
  100. 01/07/2010. ElcomSoft Reveals Internet Passwords.
  101. 21/06/2010. ElcomSoft Recovers Encrypted Backups to iPhone and iPod Touch Devices with iOS 4 Software Update.
  102. 16/03/2010. ElcomSoft Breaks Wi-Fi Passwords, Unlocks iPhone and iPod Backups Faster with New ATI Cards.
  103. 04/02/2010. ElcomSoft Enables Forensic Access to Encrypted iPhone and iPod Touch Backups.
  104. 14/10/2009. ElcomSoft Updates Distributed Password Recovery with Dictionary Attacks.
  105. 12/10/2009. ElcomSoft Surveys Corporate Users, Discovers Major Security Hole.
  106. 09/10/2009. ElcomSoft Breaks Wi-Fi Encryption Faster with GPU Acceleration.
  107. 23/04/2009. ElcomSoft Makes PGP® Disk Password Recovery Faster and More Affordable.
  108. 16/04/2009. Near-Instant Recovery of Password-Protected Excel Spreadsheets.
  109. 01/04/2009. ElcomSoft to Recover Passwords with a Tambourine.
  110. 26/02/2009. ElcomSoft Offers a Special Discount for Government Institutions.
  111. 15/01/2009. ElcomSoft Employs ATI and NVIDIA for Its Password Cracking Business.
  112. 26/11/2008. ElcomSoft Claims Adobe Acrobat 9 Is a Hundred Times Less Secure.
  113. 16/10/2008. ElcomSoft Utilizes NVIDIA Tesla Supercomputers for Password Recovery.
  114. 02/10/2008. Creating a New Reality: Cracking One Billion Passwords per Second.
  115. 16/09/2008. 40-bit Encryption Is Dead.
  116. 16/04/2008. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery adds Multiprocessor/Multicore Support. Password recovery speed is enhanced by a factor of up to sixteen.
  117. 27/03/2008. Elcomsoft System Recovery supports Windows Server 2008 and Vista SP1. Easily Access Your Locked-Up Windows Computer.
  118. 27/02/2008. Advanced EFS Data Recovery Breaks Vista and Windows Server 2008 Encryption.