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Press Releases

All press releases, white papers and some other documents represented in Portable Document Format (PDF). Download Adobe Reader for reading.

  1. 14/08/2018. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery 4.0 with Automatic Dictionary Distribution and Intel GPU Acceleration
  2. 20/06/2018. Elcomsoft Decrypts Secrets from iPhone Devices and Extracts User Passwords
  3. 14/06/2018. ElcomSoft Decrypts iMessages in iCloud
  4. 07/06/2018. ElcomSoft Tool Helps Analyse Location Data from iOS Devices
  5. 29/05/2018. ElcomSoft Tool Extracts WhatsApp Business Data

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White Papers

  1. "Secure Password Managers" and "Military-Grade Encryption" on Smartphones: Oh, Really?. In this paper we will analyze applications designed to facilitate storing and management of passwords on mobile platforms, such as Apple iOS and BlackBerry. We will specifically focus our attention on the security of data at rest. We will show that many password keeper apps fail to provide claimed level of protection. File size: 265 K
  2. Open Sesame!. The easy way to restore access passwords to files, applications and databases. File size: 2220 K
  3. An effective approach to restoring system access in Windows. File size: 1999 K
  4. Proactive is better than reactive. Testing password safety – a key to securing a corporate network. File size: 1896 K

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Articles about Us

  1. Police can STILL break into your iPhone without permission using a simple hack that bypasses Apple’s new iOS 11.4.1 'cracking defence tool' MailOnline 10/07/2018

    «The workaround was discovered by cybersecurity firm ElcomSoft, based in Moscow. ElcomSoft connected a compatible Lightning accessory, the official Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adaptor, before the screen had been locked for an hour.» Läs mer

  2. Security Researchers Find Way to Prevent USB Restricted Mode From Activating on iOS Devices MacRumors 10/07/2018

    «Security researchers claim to have discovered a loophole that prevents an iPhone or iPad from activating USB Restricted Mode, Apple's latest anti-hacking feature in iOS 12 beta and iOS 11.4.1, which was released on Monday.» Läs mer

  3. Apple’s iOS passcode cracking defense can be bypassed using a USB accessory The Verge 09/07/2018

    «However, researchers at cybersecurity firm ElcomSoft have found a loophole that resets the one-hour counter so long as you plug a USB accessory into the iPhone’s Lightning port, regardless of whether the phone has ever connected to that accessory in the past.» Läs mer

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