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  • 01/08/2017

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery now support Amazon’s new P2 instances with up to 16 GPU units. The new instances are powered by NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU units, delivering unmatched performance and best-in-class price-performance ratio for cloud computing. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery dynamically scales to up to 10,000 mixed instances (local, remote and cloud) to deliver truly unmatched recovery speeds.

ElcomSoft rolls out support for Amazon’s new EC2 Compute Units found in the company’s GPU-accelerated P2 instances. Compared to the older G2 instances, the new P2 EC2 Compute Units come with up to 16 GPU units each. The new P2 instances are powered by NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU units, allowing Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery to run with full GPU acceleration to deliver record-breaking performance when integrating multiple units.

Support for Amazon’s new compute units allows users of Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery to dynamically scale their labs, adding extra compute units if and when the additional power is needed and scaling back once job is complete. On-demand use of cloud instances with Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery delivers not only unmatched recovery speeds, but also best-in-class price-performance ratio. With Amazon cloud instances, users get the power they need the moment they need it.

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery supports agents installed into the Amazon EC2 account. Depending on performance requirements and budget constraints, Amazon EC2 instances can quickly scale to speed up the job, and can be scaled back when not in use. Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery running in an Amazon cloud is a perfect solution when additional computational power is needed without the need to invest into building permanent infrastructure in-house.

More information as well as the detailed how-to guide available at https://blog.elcomsoft.com/2017/08/breaking-passwords-in-the-cloud-using-amazon-p2-instances

Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery scales to up to 10,000 mixed instances. Supporting a heterogeneous mix of local computers, remote workstations and cloud compute instances allows Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery to deliver all the power on demand.

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