Elcomsoft Nyheter

  • 24/07/2006

New versions of Advanced Office Password Recovery and Advanced Intuit Password Recovery now available.

Whats new in Advanced Office Password Recovery:
  • New: Predefined characters sets are incuded: Arabic, Armenian, Czech, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Korean (Hangul Jamo), Japanese (Katakana), Japanese (Hiragana), Russian (Cyrillic)
  • Improved: Preliminary attack is on machines with Japanese and Russian locales.
  • Improved: Support of Office 2007 (beta) and Corel Draw 12 in VBA backdoor
  • Improved: Default path for file opening is "My Documents" folder now
  • Fixed: Long character sets could be displayed incorrectly in "Custom charset" dialog
  • Fixed: Password recovery error for PowerPoint R/O passwords on certain documents
  • Fixed: Incorrect saving of some project files
  • Fixed: "Password not found" message on certain password-protected Outlook (PST) files
Whats new in  Advanced Intuit Password Recovery:
  • New: Added support for QuickBooks 2006 (remove password only)
For more information please visit Advanced Office Password Recovery and Advanced Intuit Password Recovery product pages.