Elcomsoft Nyheter

  • 02/06/2006

New version of Proactive System Password Recovery (Version 4.7) has the following new features:

  • Improved Windows Vista compatibility
  • IPR (Intelligent Password Recovery) subsystem; see help file for details
  • SmartDic (Smart Dictiobary) feature; see help file for details
  • Resuming brute-force and dictionary attacks
  • New attack types on logon password hashes; now there are eight in total:
    • brute-force
    • dictionary
    • user names (with mutations)
    • digits
    • data/time combinations
    • repeated symbols
    • keyboard combinations (like "qwerty", "zxcvbn" etc)
    • IPR (all passwords previously found in the system, with mutations)

Besides, a few problems have been fixed: with ProtectedStorage in WinPE & BartPE, long WPA-PSK passwords, cached domain credentials and Remote Assistance.

For more information please visit Proactive System Password Recovery page.