Advanced Office Password Recovery

Advanced Office Password Recovery

GPU-accelerated Advanced Office Password Recovery can use powerful processing units of your AMD and NVIDIA video cards to remove, replace or recover passwords protecting Microsoft Office documents faster. Supporting all versions of Microsoft Office from version 2.0 to 2013, OpenOffice and Hangul Office, the tool allows specifying a variety of masks and attacks. Its highly-optimized low-level code ensures the quickest recovery of the most complex passwords.

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Limited Edition of Advanced Office Password Recovery for home use. Allows to recover Word and Excel passwords only.
Only one CPU core is supported for password recovery. GPU acceleration is unavailable.


Standard Edition allows to recover passwords in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access (share-level password only), Outlook and OpenDocument (OpenOffice).
Up to 4 CPU cores are supported. One GPU can be used to accelerate password searching.


Professional Edition is the most powerful version of Advanced Office Password Recovery, supporting all passwords types in all Microsoft Office components, Open Office and Hangul Office.
Up to 32 CPU cores and up to 8 GPUs are supported.


Support & Upgrades:

This product may recover strong complex passwords that cannot be recovered instantly. You may use dictionaries to speed-up the recovery process. Basic dictionaries are included in the program distribution. Additional dictionaries are available for purchase and immediate download.

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